Impulse wind lidar to monitor wind conditions

WINDEX 5000 impulse wind lidar is a powerful tool for collecting and building a database of weather data for weather services, airport weather services, research centers, nuclear power plants and wind power enterprises.
WINDEX 5000 provides information on the following parameters: 3D mapping of the wind field in its area, vertical profile of wind speed and direction, vertical and horizontal wind shifts, presence of severe wind phenomena such as aircraft wake vortices, atmospheric turbulences, etc.

Импульсный ветровой лидар для мониторинга ветровой обстановки WINDEX 5000


Radial wind speed range (accumulation time 1 sec, MRV 10 km, no precipitation and clouds):
- for 400 ns impulses from 100 to 5,000 m
- for 200 ns impulses from 80 to 1,500 m

Displayed spatial resolution:
- for 400 ns impulses 40.3 m
- for 200 ns impulses 11.25 m

Measurement range of radial wind speed from ±1 to ±55 м/с

Radial speed measurement error of ±0.25 m/s

Wind direction measurement range (for vertical profiling modes) from 0 to 360º

Laser wavelength (eye-safe) 1,560 ± 15 nm

Impulse duration 200/400 ns

Weight 140 kg

Dimensions 1740 х Ø1140 mm

Operating conditions from from -50ºС to +50ºС