Continuous wind lidar to measure wind parameters

WINDEX 300 continuous wind lidar is used to provide real-time weather information to dispatch and meteorological services of airports, nuclear power plants and other facilities.
WINDEX 300 provides information on the following parameters: vertical profile of wind speed and direction, presence of severe wind phenomena, such as vertical wind shear, atmospheric turbulence, etc.

Непрерывный ветровой лидар для измерения параметров ветра WINDEX 300


Measurement range from 3 to 300 m

Spatial resolution ±10% of altitude

Measurement range of speeds from 1 to 55 m/s

Speed measurement error:
- ±0.5 m/s at V≤5 m/s
- ±10% at V˃5 m/s

Wind direction measurement range from 0 to 360º

Direction measurement error of ±10º

Laser wavelength (eye-safe) 1,560 ± 15 nm

Wind speed and direction measurement time (altitude) 4 sec

Weight 130 kg

Dimensions 1,430 x Ø1,140 mm

Operating conditions from -50ºС to +50ºС