Cloud meter to measure the lower cloud boundary

SKYDEX is a compact weather instrument for measuring the altitude of the lower boundary of clouds and vertical visibility in the range from 0 to 7.5 km. The main part of the cloud meter is a laser impulse lidar. The device is able to recognize up to three layers of clouds. Reflection from clouds, precipitation or other objects is analyzed and used to determine the altitude of the lower boundary of the clouds.

SKYDEX. Облакомер для измерения нижней границы облачности


Measurement range from 0 to 7,500 m

Measurement interval from 2 to 120 sec

Impulse frequency 2.5 kHz

Laser wavelength (eye-safe) 1,535 nm

Impulse power 8.6 mcJ

Resolution 5 m

Precision ± 5 m

Self-diagnosis and glass cleaning system

Dimensions 860 x ∅530mm

Weight 30 kg

Operating conditions from -50ºС to +50ºС