Winning of the "Laser Systems" project in the "Optical Valley Global Entrepreneurship Competition" in China

The final of the China Optics Valley Global Entrepreneurship Competition-2020 was held in China, which identified the 10 best projects in the field of optoelectronics and laser technologies from around the world. Among the winners is the project of the company "Laser Systems" on wind lidars.

The China Optics Valley Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 has been held in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, since 2015. It is aimed at finding innovative industrial projects in the field of laser technology and optoelectronics, as well as developing cooperation between industry enterprises from all over the world. The organizer is the Chinese Optical Valley - the country's largest industrial center for the production of lasers and optoelectronics, with the support of the Laser Association of Russia and China.

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Within the framework of the competition, which took place in several qualifying stages from August to mid-December, the world's innovative developments in the field of optoelectronics, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, environmental protection, and information technology were presented. More than 1300 projects from different countries took part. 10 reached the final, among which - the only foreign winner was the project of the company "Laser Systems" "Wind Pulse Lidar Windex-5000".

Wind lidar Windex-5000 is a modern high-tech instrument for measuring dynamic and optical parameters of the atmosphere. Its functionality allows you to produce:
  • construction of an altitude profile of wind speed and direction;
  • construction of the wind speed and direction field;
  • wind field mapping at different heights;
  • determination of wind parameters along landing and take-off glide paths;
  • determination of altitude, density, number of cloud layers, cloud base;
  • wind shear detection;
  • detection and monitoring of turbulence zones, vortices, airplane vortex wakes;
  • warning about dangerous wind phenomena.
The equipment has already proven itself internationally and is successfully operated in South Korea and Singapore. Its main advantages are high reliability and accuracy in measuring wind direction and speed, tracking dangerous meteorological phenomena, forecasting wind conditions.
In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”
The Russian design was presented at the competition by Professor Zhu Xiao - President of the Laser Association of Hubei Province, who also took an active part in the preparation of the project. The equipment was highly appreciated by the jury, Chinese investors and entrepreneurs as potentially attractive for further joint development and production. As a result of the competition, the Chinese and Russian sides intend to continue the dialogue on joint cooperation, and further plans are currently being discussed.

Absentee participation in an international competition is a new format for Laser Systems, which has its own characteristics and requirements. Great emphasis in the preparation was placed on the provision of presentation information, video and photographic materials. The company regards this experience as an important step in the development of international cooperation, the search for new contacts and customers outside of Russia. With this in mind, Laser Systems recommends the China Optics Valley Global Entrepreneurship Competition for other LAS members to participate, and also expresses its deep gratitude to the Laser Association for their support and assistance in participating!