Wearing virtual reality glasses around the ISS: a school tour in "Laser Systems"

Every year, on the eve of the Entrepreneur's Day, the Public Council for Small Business under the Administration of the Petrodvorets District, together with the District Administration, organizes various events for high school students.

These are open lessons, excursions to small and large businesses, meetings with entrepreneurs. The main goal of such educational activities is direct communication between students and entrepreneurs in order to help the younger generation get to know business better and gain useful knowledge. This year, the organizers turned to Laser Systems with a request to conduct several excursions on the territory of the company's production site for children from different schools in the Petrodvorets district.

Школьники на экскурсии в Лазерных системах.jpg

Laser Systems already has experience in conducting excursions for students: the company employs researchers, Ph.D and doctors of sciences, current university professors who have a wealth of practical experience in interacting with young people. So, for example, Ivan Mikhailovich Evdokimov, production director of Laser Systems JSC, has repeatedly conducted similar educational excursions for junior and senior grade students, and this time was no exception.

Иван Евдокимов проводит экскурсию для школьников.jpg

The excursion program for students began in the foyer of the company with a demonstration of presentation videos about the history of the company and its products. Then the guys visited the production shops and listened to the story about the company's activities: laser technologies, additive manufacturing, lidar systems, space software.

In the Additive Technologies Workshop, students got acquainted with the M250 Selective Laser Metal Powder Melting Plant and learned about the specifics of the serial production of complex high-tech equipment. With great interest, they held in their hands the parts grown from metal powders using a 3D printer.

В цехе аддитивных технологий Лазерных систем.jpg

Then the teenager got acquainted with the technological process of equipment production in the Optoelectronic Products Assembly Shop. They had the opportunity to observe the process of assembling alco-frames and meteorological equipment - wind lidars.

В производственном цехе Лазерных систем.jpg

As usual, the most striking impression of the tour was the acquaintance of the children with the Odyssey software. Software "Odyssey" is a complex information system to support the full cycle of work in the implementation of extravehicular activities, from setting tasks for spacewalks to summing up the results of the implementation of extravehicular activities. The system includes a text editor that allows you to automate the process of compiling onboard instructions, then, according to this instruction, engineers can try out the path that the astronaut has to go through. To do this, they put on virtual reality glasses that interact with the operator training module. It created an exact three-dimensional copy of the ISS - with all the levers, hoses and cables. In it, you can go all the way to the problem area that needs to be repaired, holding, in accordance with the instructions, with both hands on the special handrails and fastening the safety halyards from handrail to handrail. On the tour, the guys were able to try on virtual reality glasses and feel for themselves what it is like to be in a spacesuit at an altitude of hundreds of kilometers from the Earth, trying to grab onto a narrow handrail.

"Laser systems" always support useful activities that introduce students to real production processes, engineering professions and contribute to further career guidance. The company was glad to see inquisitive and striving for new knowledge children as guests!

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