The high-energy laser system ADAM hits a flying target at a distance of 1.5 kilometers

ADAM is a mobile laser HEL system mounted on a car trailer. The relatively small size and weight of the system allows to bring and deploy it quickly at the right place. Unlike other systems which use solid-state lasers pumped by direct radiation, a 10 kW emitter of the ADAM system is made on the base of fiber-optic lightguide, and special solutions allow focusing the laser beam on the target at a distance of two kilometers. Directed and focused energy of the laser beam can hit and destroy any flying target before it reaches its target and endamages it.

Modern prototype ADAM unit is able to discover itself and follow up a flying target at a distance of five kilometers. This can be made due to its own radar unit or with help of unmanned aerial vehicle, in case if it is necessary to keep in secret the location of the unit itself, which in this case operates in a passive mode.

The high cost of ADAM unit is offset by a sufficiently low value of its salvo, because laser shooting does not require the use of large amounts of expensive ammunition. High pointing accuracy of the laser can hit a target in one or two shots, for which only clean energy is consumed, which can be taken from a variety of sources.

In the given picture one can see the ADAM unit hitting the flying missile. During all the tests, which took place in April 2013, the unit hit successfully 8 high-speed flying missiles. In the last year, the Lockheed Martin Company carried out similar tests of the ADAM unit, but at the time the missiles flew strictly in a predetermined path, and specialists of the company were engaged in a proper testing of the laser system.