The best students of the "PAZL.Programming" project visited "Laser Systems"

The early formation of professional interests in children has great potential for a successful career choice in the future. Making a conscious decision increases the likelihood of finding your calling and a job that enjoy.

Professional self-determination gives a huge impetus for the positive development and formation of the personality, therefore, it is especially important when it comes to children left without parental care and brought up in state institutions. It is for the purpose of vocational guidance that the Future Leaders Foundation implements the PAZL social project for children in orphanages and boarding schools.

This project was created by a team of caring people to support talented youth and for the social adaptation of those who need help. Its main task is to develop and implement individual educational trajectories for the development of each child. During the educational program of the project, participants in an exciting form of master classes and training events receive theoretical and practical knowledge about professions, get acquainted on field trips with how working days in the office and in production go in real conditions.

Since September 2020, the "PAZL" project in 11 regions of the North-West Federal District for orphans has organized an educational course in the direction of "Programming". As a result of the course, 18 best students had the opportunity to continue their internship in St. Petersburg, where, as part of the excursion program, the children visited large industrial enterprises of the city, including  Laser Systems.

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The company already has experience in conducting such excursions, in Laser Systems, we always support useful activities that help children and adolescents gain valuable experience and practical understanding of engineering specialties.

The company employs researchers, candidates and doctors of science, current university teachers with extensive experience in interacting with young people, for example, Ivan Mikhailovich Evdokimov, Production Director of Laser Systems, who this year already hosted young guests from elementary school in the company and gave them an interesting educational excursion.

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The excursion program for the PAZL participants included a story about the company's activities: laser technologies, additive manufacturing, lidar complexes, space software.

The children visited the production workshops of Laser Systems, where they got acquainted with the manufactured products and the specifics of serial production, learned about technical processes, advanced technologies and specialties in demand in the company. They had the opportunity to test the Odyssey space software by flying around the ISS wearing virtual reality goggles and learning how astronauts prepare for their spacewalk.

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The excursionists watched with great interest the process of operation of the 3D printer and the alcohol frame, looked at the parts grown on the M250, listened to a lecture on modern meteorological complexes using the example of lidar equipment. The excursion aroused a very lively interest and response, many questions were asked.

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“Implementation of projects for the social adaptation of children is a good and useful thing and we are always happy to take part in such initiatives. Even if we help one of the children to make a choice of a profession, form an interest in innovations, modern technologies, engineering professions and create a desire to strive to achieve the goal, then this already makes a lot of sense ", - summed up the meeting I.M. Evdokimov.

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Reference: The Future Leaders Foundation for the Support of Talented Youth has been implementing additional education programs for schoolchildren and students of St. Petersburg and Moscow since 2015. Since September 2018, the Foundation has been implementing the educational program of the PAZL social project aimed at vocational guidance and adaptation of pupils of the Centers for Assistance to Family Education in St. Petersburg (orphanages). The project is attended by children aged 14 to 17 years (students in grades 8-11).