Participation in the International Conference "Additive Technologies: Present and Future"

In early October, the 7th International Conference "Additive Technologies: Present and Future" was held at the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials.

VIAM is the main platform in Russia, which for many years has been bringing together leading scientists and specialists of FSUE VIAM, representatives of domestic and foreign enterprises of various industries to consider the most important issues in the field of additive technologies, as well as to discuss ways of developing this industry.


The conference participants presented their reports on the results of scientific and applied research, and also talked about the problems, achievements and prospects of work in the direction of layer-by-layer building up and synthesis of objects.

Within the framework of the conference, Boris Bychkov, a leading expert on additive technologies of Laser Systems, made a presentation on the topic “Methods for improving the quality and reliability of control in the line of additive equipment for selective laser fusion of JSC“ Laser Systems ”.


The report reflected the software and hardware solutions used in the additive selective laser fusion plants of the Laser Systems company, designed to increase the stability of the fusion (growth) process and the quality of the parts obtained.

As a result of the exchange of views on the subject of the conference, the participants supported the need to form and finance with state support a separate program for the development and implementation of additive technologies in the serial production of new products. The idea was also supported to create a single intersectoral center "Materials and digital technologies for their production" to provide a full cycle of development and production using additive technologies.

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