Hardware and software complex "Alcolock" – the intelligence of a sober driver

The statistics of injuries and deaths on Russian roads caused by drunk drivers is disappointing and does not get better every year: approximately 4,500 Russians die annually as a result of accidents related to drinking while driving. According to experts, alcohol locks, specialized devices for non-contact breath testing, can stop growth. Such equipment has already been successfully used in a number of countries and is proving to be effective in detecting drunk drivers and preventing road accidents.

At present, Laser Systems JSC, in cooperation with a team of partners, is developing the Alcolock software and hardware complex. The company, using its many years of experience in the production of alcohol testing products, is developing a key element of the complex - a portable device for non-contact testing of drivers for alcohol.        

Hardware and software complex " Alcolock " is an effective solution for car sharing companies, municipal and public transport, cargo transportation and other areas related to driving a vehicle.

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Sergei Nikitin, Chief Designer of Alcotesting at Laser Systems JSC, said that the main advantage of the Alcolock software and hardware complex lies in its integrated work: before performing an Alcotest, the driver undergoes a face identification procedure. The designer emphasized that this option excludes the possibility of cheating the alcohol lock with the help of a sober passenger or a passer-by.

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Among the key advantages of the Alcolock software package, it is also necessary to note the absence of mouthpieces for passing the test and high-speed exhalation analysis in just one second. After passing the alcohol test, the result is issued by means of a light indication, if ethanol vapor is found in the exhalation, the movement of the car is blocked.

At the moment, working mock-up samples have already been released in Laser Systems, after the development and all stages of testing are completed, the equipment will be put into mass production.

“We, at the Laser Systems company,” says Sergey Nikitin, “we believe that it is necessary to form the right public attitude towards such equipment. It should not be taken as a punitive measure, because its main function is to prevent drunken accidents and save human lives.” Laser Systems JSC is a developer and manufacturer of non-contact breathalyzer devices with many years of experience. The company has a successful experience in the implementation of industrial alco-frames at the entrance enterprises throughout Russia. Non-contact alco-frames of "Laser Systems" are installed in the checkpoint area and test personnel in streaming mode with instant results in just one second. The turnstile will not open for an employee of the enterprise who has not passed the entrance test. The technology used in the production of breathalyzer devices by Laser Systems is based on diode-laser spectroscopy, when the breathalyzer performs a spectral analysis of a person's exhalation. This is a proprietary and unique technology of "Laser Systems", which has no analogues in the world.

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Shot from the program "Morning of Russia" of the TV channel Russia-1 "Morning of Russia", story from 12/22/21. 

Article of the magazine "Photonics", volume 16 No. 3 2022

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