Meeting of students of the "Engineering and Technology School" with representatives of JSC "Laser Systems"

Pupils of the St. Petersburg School No. 777 met with representatives of the Baltic State Technical University "VOENMEH" named after. D.F. Ustinov: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department I1 "Laser Technology", Chief Researcher of JSC "Laser Systems" Andrey Valerievich Savin and Senior Lecturer of the Department I1 "Laser Technology", Specialist of the Department of Additional Professional Education, Reliability Engineer of JSC "Laser Systems" Alexey Dmitrievich Gubarev.

This meeting took place within the framework of the work of the institutes of information and new production technologies, programming and robotics of the scientific society "Small Academy of Sciences "Altair" and the work of the association "Laser Technologies" of the Lakhta-polis CDOD. During the conversation, representatives of the Laser Systems company told the schoolchildren about the path to success and how the guests decided to connect their lives with science in the field of creating modern technologies, innovations and production, as well as about their formation in Laser Systems. The company has come a long way from the creation of the first high-power lasers to the mass production of the most sophisticated high-tech equipment based on laser technology.

Встреча представителей Лазерных систем и учеников школы №777.jpg
Aleksey Gubarev focused on the fact that the successful history of the Laser Systems company is written by its team: Laser Systems is a team of ambitious, smartest young people and older people who want to make the world a better and more technologically advanced place. The greatest achievement of the company is the most interesting people,” summed up Andrey Valeryevich.
The guests also spoke about the foreign cooperation of the Laser Systems company with the universities of China, India, Israel, the United States and many other countries.
A bright and wonderful addition and confirmation of the words of the guests was the presentation, in which the students were able here and now to visually see the large-scale, labor-intensive, but very interesting activities of the enterprise.

Алексей Губарев выступил в качестве спикера на встрече с учениками.jpg
Of course, the guys listened with enthusiasm and asked questions about what worries them. They were interested in questions about laser treatment, about space projects and how the equipment created at the enterprise promotes and helps space exploration. Andrey Valerievich Savin spoke about equipment and technologies for space research, and Alexei Dmitrievich Gubarev noted that at the open day, you can make a virtual trip to the ISS and see the station's activities.

Андрей Савин и Алексей Губарев на встрече с учениками школы № 777.jpg
To a question from the audience about what specialty a student receives at the department, Andrey Valeryevich answered: “The profession of an engineer, and an engineer is a creator.”
The question of a real scientific breakthrough was not left without attention. “There was a breakthrough at the intersection of different disciplines and sciences, as a result of which scientists managed to create such a unique device as a laser,” replied Alexei Dmitrievich. “To become a good specialist, one must strive to have great technical erudition,” Andrey Valeryevich Savin added.
At the end of the meeting, the guests of honor wished the children further successful education and invited interested students of the School of Engineering and Technology to visit the Laser Systems enterprise.

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