Laser Systems supplied a complex of pulsed wind lidars WINDEX-2000 for the research university of Seoul

In the framework of the export contract Laser Systems Company supplied a set of three pulsed lidars WINDEX-2000, which became a part of the research equipment of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies one of the leading universities of the Republic of Korea located in Seoul.

The pulsed wind lidar WINDEX-2000 is a powerful tool for measuring atmosphere parameters and creating a database for airport vortex safety systems, meteorological services and monitoring of the ecological situation. WINDEX-2000 provides the following information: wind speed and velocity; wind shear and other dangerous phenomena; vortex traces of aircrafts; turbulence; vertical wind profile up to a height of more than 2000 meters and also allows to proceed 3D mapping of the wind field in area of its responsibility.

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