Laser Systems, Polytech and CompMechLab signed a cooperation agreement in the framework of projects for TechNet NTI and development of additive technologies

Laser Systems Company, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University of Peter the Great (Polytech) and CompMechLab signed a cooperation agreement, the main subject of which was the joint work of enterprises with a view to making fuller use of intellectual, material and production resources for solving complex scientific and technical problems for high-tech companies from various industries, the development of the TechNet road map of the National Technological Initiative, strengthening activities in the field of advanced production technologies. 

One of the main directions in which cooperation is supposed to be is research and development of methodologies, technologies, software products, etc. within the framework of the implementation of the TechNet (NTI) roadmap, as well as the development of the digital economy as a whole. Also, enterprises plan to work together in the field of additive technologies.

In addition to scientific research and development, enterprises set the goal of the subsequent successful commercialization of R&D results.

For reference:

National Technological Initiative is a state program of measures to support the development of promising industries in Russia, which over the next 20 years can become the basis of the world economy. The task of creating NTI was set by the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly in 2014. The NTI focuses on the markets formed on the basis of the new technological order, the main markets are represented in the form of road maps. The creators of the program believe that Russia will be able to get the instrument of forming future markets, and Russian companies will get a significant share in them.

TechNet is a roadmap for the National Technology Initiative for the development of the cross-market / cross-sectoral Advanced Production Technologies, which will ensure the competitiveness of domestic companies in the NTI markets and in high-tech industries. TechNet was approved on February 14, 2017. Key importance in the TechNet is assigned to the formation of Factories of the future (Digital / Smart / Virtual factories), which are systems of complex technological solutions, providing in the shortest possible time the design and production of globally competitive products of the new generation.