Laser Systems equipment awarded with diplomas of the Laser Association competition for the best development 2021

In 2020, the Laser Association initiated a competition for the best domestic development in the field of laser equipment and laser-optical technologies, which was held in several categories. The competition accepted completed developments that entered the market in 2019-2020. The main characteristics of the development, its fundamental differences from competitors, presentation materials were evaluated.

The results of the competition were summed up by the LAS Scientific and Technical Council in February 2021.

As a result, the first and second degree diplomas awarded the competitive equipment of "Laser Systems" in two categories: "Pulse Wind Lidar IVL-10000" received a diploma in the nomination "Laser Technologies in Industry and Energy," and "System for selective Laser Fusion of Metal Powders Based on the M250 Plant" was awarded in the nomination "Information Management Technologies and Photonics Systems."

Дипломы ЛАС Лазерные системы.jpg

The award took place at the exhibition "Photonika-2021," the winners were congratulated by the President of the Laser Association Ivan Borisovich Kovsh.

The LAS competition is held annually with the aim of identifying and popularizing the best domestic developments and publications in the field of laser technology and optoelectronics, devices, equipment and technologies based on them, promoting the best developments for cross-industry competitions and premiums.

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