Largest enterprises of the Siberian Federal District SDS AZOT is equipped with ALCOFRAMES

Laser Systems company together with LANIT-Integration equipped Chemical Plant SDS AZOT (one of the largest enterprises of the Siberian Federal District located in Kemerovo) with ALCOFRAMES.

Today ALCOFRAMES are installed at all entrances of the plant and integrated with control and access system. Integration will allow conducting a unified database on the results of express-tests and access to the plant.

Recall that the company launched the new device ALCOFRAME in early 2015. ALCOFRAME is a modern non-contact express-test of the presence of alcohol intoxication in person’s exhalation, which was designed specifically for enterprises, where drunk employee may cause threat to human life and production safety.

Further information about ALCOFRAME: http://www.lsystems.ru/en/alcoframes/