DARPA is developing "all-seeing" laser radar

The companies Lockheed Martin and DRS Technologies received $ 4.4 and $ 3.2 million for the development of a laser radar (lidar):  an emitter with the ability to change parameters of the signal and the corresponding detector. Earlier $ 3.1 million were received by Princeton Lightwave laboratory.

DRS engineers will develop an array of avalanche photodiodes, which will form the basis of a new lidar detector. At the same time the Lockheed Martin Company will develop a high-performance dual-mode laser transmitter, which will be integrated into a single unit with a detector. Researchers from Princeton Lightwave will work on technologies of laser transmitter, which generates variable pulses with high-frequency modulation. All components of the laser system should work on eye-safe wavelength.


Lidar developed in the framework of LRT program will also be used in robot navigation systems.

Militaries plan to get the high definition lidar that can instantly detect different targets: tanks, planes, guns, infantry, etc. Also the new lidar will be used in navigation systems, unmanned aircraft and ground-based robots. The possibility of use of the lidar for the detection and identification of biological weapons is under study. Lidars are already used in the U.S. military, for example in mine detection system (ALMDS).