An alcohol lock is being tested in St. Petersburg to prevent a drunk driver from driving

The report of the Saint Petersburg TV channel about the increasing incidence of accidents due to drunk drivers was devoted to the main important question: are there ways how to prevent accidents involving drunk drivers?

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The latest invention of scientists is intended to help solve this problem. The so-called alkozamok is now being tested in St. Petersburg. This portable device will help prevent drunk people from driving.

What developments is the company "Laser Systems", a resident of the special economic zone "St. Petersburg" ready to offer?
The contents of this black box, say the company's engineers, can dramatically turn the statistics of accidents with drunk drivers.

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“You exhale into the device, it processes the exhalation and gives you the result, so now you can see that I’m sober,” says Aleksey Ivanov, Development Director of the laser equipment manufacturer.

So the car will start. But after using an alcoholic drink, turning the ignition key, scientists assure, does not make sense. The device recognizes alcohol and locks the machine.

“When you exhale, ethanol vapors are analyzed, a microprocessor is installed, the computer decides where this information goes further: block the car or send this information somewhere further,” says Aleksey Ivanov, Development Director of the laser equipment manufacturer.

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Companies with the most promising developments become residents of the special economic zone. And here in the shop on the next shelf is another innovation. The alcohol frame will give a turn from the gate to a negligent worker. The laser will accurately capture alcohol vapors.

You can even breathe out into the apparatus while wearing a medical mask. The equipment is already installed in many enterprises of the oil and gas industry. As for the alco lock, it is still being tested at several transport companies.

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Based on the materials of the report of the TV channel "Saint Petersburg"

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