Alco-frame of Laser Systems is being successfully tested at the Copper Plant of Norilsk Nickel

The device works three times faster than previously used devices, allows you to collect and analyze information on a daily basis, as well as generate statistics for each employee. The sensitivity of the device allows you to take the test even with a medical mask.

The new alcohol frame is being tested on the initiative of Sergey Gradyushko, Deputy Director of the Polar Division for Industrial Safety and Labor Protection. The reason was the repeated appeals of the plant workers about the insufficient throughput of the devices operated at the plant, which cannot cope with the large flow of personnel during shift changes and people accumulate at the turnstiles.

The new alcohol frame produced by Laser Systems, adapted for the conditions of the pandemic, proved itself well within three days of testing. Several thousand analyzes were carried out on the device. The sensitivity of the device allows you to take the test even in a medical mask.

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«The throughput of the new breathalyzer is high - 25 people per minute, - said the acting director. Nikolay Vazhdaev, Deputy Director of the Copper Plant for General Issues. - Takes measurements in streaming mode, conducts a test for the presence of alcohol intoxication in just a second, and in another second the device is ready for a new test. The Dingo B-02 analyzers have a recovery time of three to ten seconds and a throughput of six to eight tests per minute. This is if no alcohol vapors were detected, otherwise it takes even more time to recover. The new apparatus, when detecting exhaled ethanol vapors, is ready for subsequent analysis in five seconds».

To ensure the safety of staff and visitors in the context of the spread of coronavirus, the devices used at the plant required additional consumables - plastic tubes with which testing was carried out.

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13 thousand of these straws are consumed per week for two thousand employees, the company notes. The new alcohol frame does not require special personal hygiene products, mouthpieces and attachments.

«The new devices are more convenient - you just have to exhale in the direction of the alcohol frame, and the device will analyze in a second and give the result in the form of color indication,” Nikolay Vazhdaev explained. - The device is more hygienic, it has a higher sensitivity, it does not require the purchase of consumables, calibration, replacement of sensors. Minimal maintenance. The device is equipped with a self-diagnosis system and requires only occasional cleaning of the mirrors. The cost is much higher, but the quality and working principle are different. According to the manufacturer, it works non-stop for seven years and has an extended five-year warranty. In previous devices, electrochemical cells are used, while here they use optical spectrography».

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At the Copper Plant, they plan to install three spectrographic alcohol frames and get feedback from workers. Based on the results, they will consider the possibility of using this apparatus at the mining enterprises of the Polar branch of Norilsk Nickel.
Manufacturers add that breathalyzers have made employees of hazardous production more disciplined.

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The original source of the article: "Taimyr Telegraph"
Ekaterina Maximova
Photo: Nikolay Shchipko