Additive technologies are the flagship of digital transformation of production

Dmitry Vasilyev, General Director of Laser Systems, made a presentation at the round table "Russian Industry for the Energy Industry: Playing by New Rules", organized by the editorial board of the Energy and Industry of Russia newspaper as part of the Russian International Energy Forum.

The discussion at the round table was about industry for the fuel and energy complex and promising Russian technologies that could potentially replace foreign ones. Representatives of large industries and generating companies acted as speakers during the round table. Dmitry Vasiliev in his report "An integrated approach to the introduction of domestic additive equipment in a real production process" focused on the fact that today additive technologies act as the flagship of the digital transformation of production. According to him, 87% of companies plan to expand the use of additive technologies in their production at least twice, and about 40% - five or more times.

– 3D printing is a significant step towards a radical digital transformation of production, because additive technologies allow you to transfer a digital form into a physical product with minimal time costs. The transition to additive manufacturing transforms the supply chain of products to the consumer, the storage of components and spare parts, and also allows decentralization of production facilities. In particular, in the fuel and energy complex (FEC), additive technologies make it possible to provide:

* Reduction of losses from equipment downtime - production of parts / spare parts / tools
* Reduced costs for logistics, warehousing, storage - production of parts / spare parts on demand at oil and gas production sites
* Creation of parts / spare parts for equipment that is no longer in production, imported or obsolete
* Optimization of the mass of products through generative design (topological optimization)
* Creation of new designs with properties superior to traditional ones: reliability, resource increase, cost price decreases.
For example, the list of energy applications for rapid prototyping and 3D printing in the oil and gas industry includes high-tech end burners, fuel injectors, submersible pump parts, rotors, stators, drill bits, gas turbine nozzles, control valve components, pressure gauges, tooling, etc. AM-technologies simplify the manufacture of pumps, turbomachines, valves and other vital components by consolidating elements, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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  According to Dmitry Vasiliev, the existence of a regulatory framework will allow the introduction of new technologies in production at a serious level, including in such “closed” areas as the defense industry and the space industry.
"Laser Systems" is an active member of the Technical Committee for Standardization "Additive Technologies" (TK 182) and participates in the coordination and approval of new standards in the field of additive technologies, which are being developed by the committee.
It should be noted that Laser Systems was the first among Russian manufacturers of equipment in the field of additive technologies that received the ST-1 Certificate of Origin for the M250 installation and a conclusion confirming the production of industrial products on the territory of the Russian Federation, issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

Slavyana Rumyantseva, Energy and Industry of Russia newspaper, May 2022 No. 9-10

A video version of Dmitry Vasiliev's speech can be viewed here