Happy New Years!

Laser Systems company congratulates colleagues and partners and wishes you a wonderful festive mood and a Happy New Year!

An alcohol lock is being tested in St. Petersburg to prevent a drunk driver from driving

A report from the Saint Petersburg TV channel about the new developments of the Laser Systems company for the automotive sector and how, with the help of alcohol testing, accidents involving drunk drivers can be prevented.

The plot of the Russia-1 TV channel on the prospects for the introduction of alcohol testing devices in the automotive sector

The company "Laser Systems" in cooperation with partners is developing a device for contactless alcohol testing "Alkozamok" and demonstrates in an interview with the TV channel the principle of its operation as part of a software and hardware complex, with the possibility of face identification.

"Laser Systems": we create advanced equipment based on Russian technologies

The interview of Dmitry Vasiliev, General Director of the company, to the Federal "Business Journal" about how more than 22 years ago, with the harmonious integration of science and business, the path of success of a large professional team of "Laser Systems" began

Laser systems at the conference "Industrial safety and labor protection in the fuel and energy complex"

During the event, representatives of the company presented an alcoramca|pro and made a presentation on ensuring industrial safety at enterprises of the oil and gas industry.

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