"Laser Systems" took part in the OVC EXPO 2019 as part of the delegation of the Laser Association

"Laser Systems" presented the device "Alcoramka" at the exhibition in China and presented a report on the company's achievements

 "Laser Systems" took part in the Scientific and Practical Forum of Health and Safety #NoRisk

The company presented a device for a non-contact express test of the state of alcoholic intoxication "ALKORAMKA"

Laser Systems, Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RSC Energia and MIPT have entered into a four-party agreement on the creation of a research laboratory on board the ISS

The scientific activity of the laboratory will be aimed at the implementation of space experiments in the field of active Coulomb systems

"Laser Systems" and "UEC" held a working meeting

The company "Laser Systems" presented M250 - additive equipment for the production of metal products by layer-by-layer laser synthesis

Laser Systems controlled extravehicular activity of the astronauts with the help of the developed software

Odyssey software developed by Laser Systems JSC successfully passed the trial operation in the Mission Control Center.

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