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In 2021, the line of selective laser fusion units produced by Laser Systems was replenished with the M350 modification, with an increased size of the working area of construction up to 350 × 350 × 350 mm.

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The new unit was delivered and successfully launched at the production site of Severstal. The equipment was commissioned at the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant for the production of lightweight topologically optimized parts for Cherepovets Steel Mill units: nozzles, plungers and nozzles. With the help of the new printer, the Cherepovets metallurgists were able to regulate the properties of the future product. Select various technological modes of printing and alloys, in accordance with the geometry of the parts, set in specialized software, which is a patented development of the Laser Systems company.

The M350 unit is integrated into the production capabilities of the additive cluster of the digital platform “Metal Processing Hub” https://mph.severstal.com. This digital platform was created by Severstal and combines the production facilities of metalworking and machine-building enterprises from the Severgroup contour.

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Prior to the launch of the equipment, the employees of the Repair Department of Severstal underwent specialized training in working with equipment and software, and released test parts.

The issue of training the customer's personnel and comprehensive service support in "Laser Systems" pays special attention. Laser Systems consider their strategic competitive advantage that the company acts as a comprehensive supplier for the customer: equipment, services, and competencies. The company solves the problem of the customer's lack of competencies to work with complex equipment by developing, together with the customer, employee training programs in all aspects of the operation of 3D printers. The training program is multi-stage and consists of several stages; it includes training both at the manufacturer's premises and at the customer's site. Upon completion of the training, the customer's personnel becomes fully prepared to work with the equipment. And then, within a year after implementation, "Laser Systems" provide comprehensive free technological support to the customer.

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“In general, the company looks to the future with confidence: contracts for the supply of SLS units are being concluded, the order portfolio is growing steadily. This is facilitated, among other things, by the successful passing of qualification tests conducted over the past few years with large industrial enterprises from the Rostec and Roskosmos contour. Laser Systems actively cooperate with Rusatom - Additive Technologies (State Corporation Rosatom) in the implementation of the roadmap for the development of additive technologies in Russia.

Currently, the Government has approved the "Concept for the development of standardization in the Russian Federation until 2030" and "Laser systems" are actively involved in the development of proposals for its implementation. In particular, the company is an active member of the Technical Committee for Standardization "Additive Technologies" (TC 182) and participates in the harmonization and approval of new standards in the field of additive technologies, which are being developed by the committee.

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We, as a company with many years of experience in the field of additive manufacturing, have an understanding of what problems are currently hindering the development of 3D printing in Russia, and what measures will help to significantly accelerate its progress, - says Dmitry Vasiliev, General Director of JSC Laser Systems ... - There are a number of problems that require serious attention and search for solutions, this is a limited regulatory framework, and the issue of import substitution of components in production, and a shortage of qualified personnel. Our company takes an active part in the search for solutions, for example, for the training of qualified personnel in the technology of selective laser fusion (SLS), we, together with BSTU "VOENMEKH", have developed and implemented at the university a multi-stage program for targeted training of specialists in the field of application of additive technology of selective laser fusion in production. The program has already proved its effectiveness in practice: graduate students are successfully working, developing the direction of additive manufacturing in various domestic companies, including Laser Systems.

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