Explosives Trace Detector X-TRACER

The explosives trace detector X-TRACER is used for rapid control of the presence of explosives traces and drugs on hands, documents, and other surfaces, in liquids, as well as in samples to be supposedly dangerous substances.

Spheres of application of the device:
- Customs and border control, various checkpoints;
- Check during operational activities, including illicit drugs and explosives control;
- Visitors control at public events (sport events, concerts).

Detection is made with a simple touch of the object under study with a sensitive prism of the device. In case of suspicious traces detection, the device delivers an alarm or visual warning which is the basis for a more thorough inspection.

X-Tracer has no analogues in Russia and abroad, and has such unique characteristics as speed of analysis and ability to detect a wide range of substances with no special sample preparation and readjustment of the device. The device can operate in high wind conditions and in a wide temperature range.

Main characteristics:
1. Execution speed - 3 to 5 sec
2. Set up time: no more than 2-3 minutes
3. Sensitivity - 100 ng
4. Spectral range - 8.6 microns
5. Spectral analysis - 0,016 microns
6. Environmental conditions – temperature range from -20C to +50 C
7. Power supply - AC (220V, 50Hz) or from built-in rechargeable batteries (12V)
8. Weight - 2 kg

X-Tracer is able to detect a wide range of explosives and drugs:
1. detectable explosives: trotyl, cyclonite, ten, dinitrotoluene, picric acid, octogene, ammonium nitrate, tetryl and their derivatives;
2. detectable drugs: cocaine, codeine, morphine and their derivatives.

X-Tracer may operate in a continuous mode, even with a significant quantity of persons verified. Thanks to the technical specifications and dimensions, the device can be integrated into a variety of security systems and automated express control of explosives and drugs traces on hands can be carried out simultaneously to standard control procedures.

The system is safe as for staff and as for persons subject to inspection.

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