Raman Spectrometer RAMAN-LS

Raman spectrometer is developed for operative analysis of liquid and solid substances, such as water solutions, explosive and drug substances, alcohol, gasoline, powders etc.

Technical characteristics of the system allow to carry out the non-contact analysis of substances, i.e. to identify substances through packaging and containers made of various materials including glass, plastic, etc.  The minimum amount of substances is required for a full analysis and no special sample preparation is needed. 

The spectrometer software is designed in a graphical user interface. It allows a user along with automatic processing of the information to conduct interactive viewing and to compare the spectra manually using special procedures (scaling, changing the color of graphics, etc.).

Raman technical characteristics


5 kg

Analysis period

less than 30 sec.

Spectral resolution

10 cm-1

Spectral range

130 - 3000 cm-1

Detectable substances

water solutions, alcohol, gasoline,powders, explosives and drugs

Operating conditions

from -20 Co to +45 Co


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