The system of special purpose

X-TRACER system is used for rapid control of presence of explosives traces at various checkpoints, for instance, while passport and visa control at airports, at railway stations and at border control points, at customs terminals, while checking tickets to sport and other public events.

The device can be used also for random inspection of individuals for involvement in terrorism, the inspection of documents and cargo, while detection of suspicious substances, for analysis of the presence of explosives traces on objects indoors.

Only one contact with the systemТs sensor for max 3 seconds is enough to do the test. Upon detection of explosives the device gives an alarm, which can be the motive for a more thorough inspection and analysis of the person under consideration.
Raman spectrometer is developed for operative analysis of liquid and solid substances, such as water solutions, explosive and drug substances, alcohol, gasoline, powders etc.
Mobile Lidar Complexes
Mobile lidar complex is designed for remote monitoring of environmental conditions and the analysis of meteorological parameters of the atmosphere.
MLC is used in emergency areas, both natural and technogenic  (fires, explosions, radioactive emissions at nuclear power plants, chemical disasters etc.) and is used to provide information support for emergency rescue service.
Lidar Wind Profiler
Airports are forced to seek ever new ways to ensure the normal operation without loosing the level of passengersТ safety and security. Wake vortex from aircraft is one of the problems that only recently found an unambiguous solution. Earlier the problem was being partly solved by introducing strict separation standards. It resulted in limitation of number of aircrafts a particular airport could allow landing or taking off.

To solve this issue the experts of Laser Systems Company used the technology of laser atmospheric scaning. The result is a unique system of vortex flight safety which can significantly improve the efficiency of air traffic operational control.

The system is a complex of autonomous lidar modules, each of them uses its own scan method and range.