AlcoFrame is a system of non-contact express-test of alcoholic intoxication which was developed for detecting alcohols vapors in breath of person and thus controlling the personnel of the company.
Additive Technologies: M250
Laser Systems has created a modern additive selective laser melting machine M250, designed to produce parts of complex shapes from metal powders that cannot be manufactured using traditional technologies.
Wind Lidars
Airports are forced to seek ever new ways to ensure the normal operation without loosing the level of passengers’ safety and security.
To solve this issue the experts of Laser Systems company used the technology of laser atmospheric scaning. The result is a unique system of vortex flight safety which can significantly improve the efficiency of air traffic operational control.
Mobile Lidar Complexes
Mobile lidar complex is designed for remote monitoring of environmental conditions and the analysis of meteorological parameters of the atmosphere.
MLC is used in emergency areas, both natural and technogenic  (fires, explosions, radioactive emissions at nuclear power plants, chemical disasters etc.) and is used to provide information support for emergency rescue service.
High-Power Lasers
Laser Systems’ first international contracts were specially made on research and development of high-power lasers. The developed lasers were compact and efficient, reliable and easy to maintain.