Laser Systems - a resident of Neudorf SEZ

Laser Systems Ltd is a resident of Neudorf special economic zone*. Today the construction of a new administrative and production complex is carried out. 

On the territory of the special economic zone Laser Systems Company plans to develop several projects: equipment for environmental monitoring of the atmosphere, innovative optoelectronic systems and security systems. 

In the two-storey building with total area of more than 7,000 square meters Laser Systems Company plans to place office premises, industrial facilities, warehouses and technical rooms provided with the latest equipment. The complex will also have a cafeteria and parking for the company's employees.

At the moment foundation works are completed in Neudorf special economic zone. Laser Systems complex start-up is planned for 2015. 

* Neudorf Special Economic Zone is a technology development special economic zone that was founded to locate organizations and high-tech industries and to arrange conditions for their development and related services. Its conditions allows to carry out simplified export and import procedures (due to introduction of a special customs regime) and to get tax benefits.