Laser Systems has started to create a lidar system in the framework of the National Technological Initiative

Laser Systems became the winner of an open public competition for the development and manufacture of a laser radar frontal review for a vehicle management system without a driver under the National Technology Initiative (NTI) program.
The laser radar (lidar) of the front-view is placed on the vehicle and is intended for use as a long-range sensor in the vehicle management system without a driver (AutoNet road map).
The advantage of laser radar over other types of sensors is the ability to obtain data on the road situation at long distances with high spatial resolution. This is especially important at high speeds in order to detect dangerous objects of small size (a person or an animal on the road) and to reduce false alarms of emergency braking systems. Lidar may be used as a stand-alone facility or as part of the system and its data can be transferred to a distributed network of road transport management to improve traffic safety.
The company plans to launch a serial production of front-line lidars.
The National Technological Initiative is a state program of measures to support the development of promising industries in Russia, which over the next 20 years can become the basis of the world economy. The task to create NTI was set by the President to the Federal Assembly in 2014. The NTI focuses on the markets formed on the basis of the new technological order. The creators of the program believe that Russia will be able to get the instrument of forming future markets, and Russian companies will get a significant share in them. The main markets are represented in the form of road maps and include:
• AeroNet - distributed systems of unmanned aerial vehicles.
• MariNet - distributed maritime transport systems without crew.
• AutoNet - a distributed network of vehicles without a driver.
• HealthNet is the market for systems based on advances in life sciences and life expectancy, as well as the development of new effective treatments for severe diseases.
• NeuroNet - the market for human-machine communications, based on advanced developments in neurotechnologies and increasing the productivity of human machine systems, the performance of mental and thought processes.
• EnergyNet is an energy market based on technology solutions that ensure the intellectualization and distributed nature of smart grids.
• FoodNet - the food market, provided with intellectualization, automation and robotization of technological processes throughout the life cycle of products from production to consumption, as well as the development of biotechnologies.

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