ALCOFRAME Ц unique noncontact express-test system for alcohol vapor detecting

ALCOFRAME is a system of non-contact express-test of alcoholic intoxication which was developed for detecting alcohols vapors in breath of person and thus controlling the personnel of the company. The main differences between ALCOFRAME and traditional alcohol testers are short measuring time (approx.1 sec.), also the system doesnТt require use of individual hygiene accessories (i.e. mouthpieces). ItТs enough to make one exhalation in "frame" and then the system will automatically detect the presence of an exhalation, will analyze and display the test result in a second.


The express-test system provides:

  • In a real-time mode:
    • automatic detection of the expiratory flow presence in the УframeФ area;
    • measurement of the air passing through the measurement volume to determine the presence of ethanol vapor exhalation;
    • processing of measurement and decision-making on the presence or absence of ethanol vapor in the exhalation;
    • transfer of the decisions about the presence or absence of ethanol vapor in the exhalation.
  • possibility to adjust predetermined operation threshold;
  • possibility of operation 24/7 mode;
  • maintaining of the test results database.


The systems allows to detect alcohol vapor in exhalation in 1 second and is ready for the next analysis also in 1 sec. ALCOFRAME is equipped with an automatic control of the presence of personТs exhalation which allows work fully automatically and does not require service staff. Analysis of the exhalation is carried out contactless at the distance of 20-30 cm between person and the device.

ALCOFRAME can work independently or may be integrated with companyТs access and security system (i.e. turnstile system) which provides totally automatic personnel control.

ALCOFRAME requires only minimal maintenance - a periodic cleaning of mirrors and reflectors. Cleaning of the reflector is not a mandatory procedure and its frequency is defined by a user while the systems reports if mirror cleaning is necessary with the light signal (double blinking blue every 10 seconds) or service message on operators computer. The device operates with self-test mode.


ALCOFRAME was developed by Laser Systems company. Direct sale is carried out by LS-engineering Company. To order devices or get further information please call +7 (812) 612-02-88 or send the  request  via the form on site.